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FAQ - WILDsound Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is WILDsound?

WILDsound promotes and examines film and writings in all its forms, and is dedicated to providing essential feedback to artists at any stage of their careers. We foster the development of new talents in filmmaking, writing, and criticism. WILDsound is an extraordinary resource for creators and film lovers alike.

2. Who runs WILDsound?

WILDsound is run by CEO Matthew Toffolo and a great team of people who work on the day by day operations, plus a team of industry people who do coverage on the submitted works.

Matthew Toffolo took over the company in mid-2013 and is dedicated to showcase 5 times more submitted writings than in the past, while enhancing the company's flagship FEEDBACK Film Festival

3. What is the WILDsound festival?

The WILDsound Festival is held every single month in Toronto's downtown district at the prestigious Carlton Cinemas. It showcases winning international scripts, novels, and short stories that you can also watch online. Plus it holds its international FEEDBACK short film festival . All events from now on are FREE too!

4. Why is WILDsound different from other film festivals?

What makes WILDsound unique is the FEEDBACK SESSION built into every evening. At the end of each screening or reading, the audience is led in a moderated discussion for the benefit of the writer or filmmaker.

5. What kind of contests does WILDsound have?

In addition to WILDsound's ongoing acceptance of short films for the Film Festival, our various writing contests run throughout the year. Deadlines are ongoing. Winners are notified the month before the event during which the winning works are cast with professional actors for the reading.

Works that are not selected to be read will receive feedback from the Committee by email.

6. What happens when I submit my work to WILDsound?

When you submit your film or writing to WILDsound, it is entered into consideration for upcoming festival participation. Whether or not your work is ultimately selected to be featured at the event, you will receive feedback from the Committee about what it feels would help move your future work to the next level.

7. What if I want individual one-on-one feedback on my work?

WILDsound's Head of Coverage offers in depth, one-on-one consultation for screenwriters at extremely reasonable rates. For more information, email

8. What are the job opportunities at WILDsound?

WILDsound offers opportunities for reviewers for both current and classic films, columnists, and critics. If you think you have what it takes to write for WILDsound, send an inquiry and sample column or review to