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Top casino movies that create a casino world as a piece of heaven

Casino movies offer an actual three-dimensional casino world. Casino players go and see these movies to find inspiration as if watching these movies will somehow make them absorb the molecules of genius in playing casino. Here are some of the top casino movies that made a casino experience almost look like a daily routine.


This 1995 film follows the story of a casino handicapper named Sam "Ace" Rothstein who was encouraged by the mob to run the Tangiers Casino. The film highlights the casino's day-to-day operation and tries to answer the many tales and myths of the casino world. The movie has a lot of shocking and enticing casino scenes that make casino playing more than a dream and obsession. The glitz and glamour of the casino world was successfully created in the movie, where people, rather than being discouraged, are given a choice to play more than back out. Robert de Niro plays Ace and the beautiful and sexy Sharon Stone plays Ace's wife Ginger.

Leaving Las Vegas

The film stars Nicolas Cage who plays Ben Sanderson; a screenwriter who lost his job due to his heavy drinking. With nothing left, Ben went to Las Vegas for some bar and casino hopping, making himself more miserable than before. He met a prostitute named Sera and they agreed to a kind of relationship that had them living in Sera's house. The film made a casino an effective backdrop, telling people how a desperate man like Ben could find an unusually glittering world in the casinos. Besides good acting, the movie tops in production design and direction. The soundtrack, too, is amazing.

Casino Royale

This James Bond movie has a casino as the core of its story. Here, Daniel Craig plays James Bond, a M16 agent who fulfilled fans' expectation; action, sex and the glittering world of Casinos. The poker scenes are what thrills casino fanatics and the movie gives justice to the real world of casinos; it's grand and royal.

The Hangover

This is a comedy about three groomsmen who can't handle Las Vegas. Out to give their buddy some amazing casino experience before getting hitched, the men stumble on unexpected troubles and must act together to bring their friend back home. The movie is hilarious as well as serious, for it brings to light every man's dream of a wild night in Vegas, and the repercussions that this dream might have. The movie won a Golden Globe award and was picked up by critics as one of the best casino movies.

Ocean Eleven

This is one of the biggest casino movies ever, as it stars luminous Hollywood names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon. The movie is about the biggest heist masterminded by Danny Ocean where he picked 11 men to rob the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM grand Casinos. All the glitters, fun and excitement of these casinos are well-illustrated in this movie.

The list of casino movies is endless, and new films of this theme will always be made. For casino fans, watching casino movies where the world of casinos is fully illustrated -- well, that's just heaven.

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