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  MOVIE POSTERTABULA RASA, Lost Season 1 Episode 3, Best of the iconic TV series
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Created by: J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof

Stars: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Dominic Monaghan, Harold Perrineau


The U.S. marshal's assignment is revealed. Later, there is a difference of opinion between Jack and Sawyer as to how to help the critically injured marshal. Flashback to what Kate was doing in Australia. Scenes of the crash from Kate's POV. A small group sets off with a transceiver in an effort to send a mayday signal. Michael forbids Walt to speak to Locke. Locke later extends an act of kindness toward Michael that may help the father-son relationship. Sayid makes a bid to organize some island committees.


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With "Tabula Rasa", we begin to follow the standard pattern of flashbacks we will follow throughout the next couple of seasons. This would be known as a "Kate episode," because, focusing on one principal character per show, we finally get to flash back further than the plane in order to learn who they are and how they came to be in Australia for the fateful flight. And, as the mysteries of the island begin to unfold, we get to learn what the island itself may want with each character.

The Hikers on the mission to fix the transceiver have just received the jarring, 16 year-old message from a French woman saying "it" killed all of the people she came with. They decide to make a camp and wait until morning to continue to camp, and Sayid believes they should lie and say they simply could not get the transceiver to work in order to avoid panic.

In fact, deception plays a large role in this particular episode. Jack and Hurley discover Kate's true identity as the prisoner when the injured US Marshall, whom Jack has been tending to, gains consciousness long enough to tell Jack to check his jacket. There, he finds Kate's mug shot.

Here, we flashback to about three months before the crash. An aging Australian farmer named Ray finds Kate sleeping in his barn. She tells him her name is Annie, and that she has just graduated and is backpacking around the country. He offers her a room and pay if she'll help him take care of the farm, and she accepts.

Back on the island, Kate decides Jack should know the truth about the French distress signal. Jack hints that perhaps Kate has something else to come clean about, but she does not let on, and Jack doesn't mention her mug shot.

Flashback: Ray discovers "Annie" trying to leave in the middle of the night. She has "trust issues," she explains. Ray talks her into staying one more night so he can drive her to the train station. And in an expression encompassing the idea behind the episode's title, Ray tells "Annie" that he doesn't blame her – "Everyone deserves a fresh start."

On the island, Kate checks in on the Marshall. He suddenly wakes and tries to choke her, and Jack must subdue him. Kate seems worried that the Marshall will only suffer greatly before dying anyway, and shouldn't they put him out of his misery? Jack admits to Kate that he saw the mugs hot and refuses to do what she is suggesting (kill the Marshall), because he isn't a murderer. Ouch, Jack.

Down the beach, Walt tells his father, Michael, that Locke told him a secret: that a miracle happened on the island. Michael, who is not the best listener, interrupts Walt to say that a lot of miracles happened, being that nearly 50 people survived a crash. He tells Walt he doesn't like him hanging out with Locke. There relationship is a strained one, and Walt basically tells Michael his love will hinge on whether or not Michael can find his dog, Vincent, and bring him back.

Sawyer pushes Kate to put the Marshall out of his misery, because she has been elected (by those unsuspecting of her criminal past) to be the gun-holder, and she alone has the power to put this man at peace.

We then tie up Kate's flashback – while Ray is driving "Annie" to the train station, she notices they are being followed and intuits that he has given her up. He apologizes, saying he needed the reward money to save the farm. In trying to grab the wheel from Ray, Kate accidentally flips his truck. She pulls him to safety and, in doing so, is captured by the Marshall.

Back to the present, the Marshall wakes to see Kate doting on him. He recalls that, on the plane, just before the crash, Kate had asked him for a favor – what was she going to ask him? Kate replies that she wanted to make sure Ray got his reward money. The Marshall laughs at her – "You're one of a kind, Kate." He asks her to shoot him, but she can't bring herself to do it and gives the gun to Sawyer. He mucks up the job, and Jack has to step in and take care of it.LOST CAST,  TV POSTER

Locke carves a dog whistle and finds Vincent – but allows Michael to be the one who returns the dog to Walt. Michael has a newfound respect for Locke.

And down the beach, Jack tells Kate that it doesn't matter what she did, or who she was before the crash. They are all being given a fresh start – a blank slate.

Along the shore, we see other castaways reconciling – Jin affectionately brushes a lock of hair from Sun's face as she sleeps peacefully; Sayid tosses an apple to Sawyer in an act of forgiveness and apology; Walt and Michael play with Vincent as Locke looks on – though the lonely, older man seems troubled…

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TABULA RASA, Lost Season 1 Episode 3, , Best of Aaron Sorkin's West Wing