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  MOVIE POSTERSPECIAL, Lost Season 1 Episode 14, Best of the iconic TV series
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Created by: J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof

Stars: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Dominic Monaghan, Harold Perrineau


John Locke is teaching Walt Lloyd to throw knives, and Michael Dawson feels jealous with the situation. He forbids Walt to meet Locke, and recalls his romance with Walt's mother Susan Lloyd (Tamara Taylor), a overachieving executive who took the infant Walt away, and Michael having an awkward reunion 10 years later with the uncertain and spoiled Walt in Australia. Walt becomes upset with the situation and decides to hike with his dog Vincent into the woods. At the end, Locke and Boone Carlyle find Claire Littleton wandering in the forest.


Hooray! In LOST's fourteenth episode, 'Special,' we get a better look at the paranormal aspects not only of the island, but of one of the castaways – ten year-old Walt – thus reviving the question the show has begun to ask: 'Are all of these people here for a reason?'

Were they chosen, and why? We open on Walt's eyes watching his father, Michael, search for him in the jungle. Hurley and Jack look on, and Hurley surmises that Michael hates being a father.

But in flashback, we see a young and uncharacteristically happy Michael with Susan, who is pregnant with Walt. They are struggling to make ends meet; Susan is still in law school, and Michael offers to give up his art to work construction for a while. Michael wants to name the baby after his father, Walter. Susan agrees to the name, but refuses to marry Michael.

Now we find Walt, being coached by another special castaway, Locke – you may remember that Locke was wheelchair-bound before landing on the Island, which has given him the power to walk without problem. Locke teaches Walt to throw a knife with accuracy by picturing it in his mind's eye – and suddenly, Walt's mind's eye seems to have alarming power.

Michael is not so thrilled with Locke and accuses him of playing Walt against his father. Locke explains that he simply treats Walt like an adult: 'He's different.'

Two years after the first flashback, Michael dotes on young Walt while Susan explains that she is taking Walt to Amsterdam for work and leaving Michael. Michael is desperate to try anything to make her stay for Walt's sake, but Susan won't have any of it. She has already accepted the job.

Sun and Michael talk as they watch Walt sleep (recall that Michael, along with Kate, is one of only 2 on the island who knows Sun speaks English). Michael tells Sun he wishes he could relate to Walt, and that 'he can't grow up here.'

Sayid is still studying Rousseau's maps, searching for the location of the distress signal and, therefore, a power source. Michael approaches him and Jack about being too complacent and building homes on the island; he plans to build a raft. Nobody takes Michael seriously, but he sets out on his mission anyway.

Walt reads the Spanish comic book we have seen before featuring the polar bear. Michael pulls him away to work on the raft.

Flashback – Michael wants to speak to Walt over the phone, but Susan seems distracted. Michael hears a man's voice – Brian. Susan's boss and new boyfriend. Distraught, Michael vows to come get his son and hangs up – and is hit by a car.

Kate comes upon Charlie, who is looking for Claire's diary. They immediately turn to Sawyer who – surprise! – happens to have it in his possession.

Walt complains that Michael is punishing him by enlisting his help on the raft. Walt slips off to follow Locke, who tells the young boy that he should respect his father's wishes and stay away. But Michael finds them, loses his temper, and threatens to kill Locke the next time he sees him with Walt.

Walt turns on his father, accusing him of never caring what he did until now – 'You're not my father!' Michael throws the comic book into the fire and demands that Walt listen to what he says. (They obviously share a bad temper!)

We flashback to Michael in the hospital weeks after his accident, still in recovery and drawing pictures to send to Walt. Susan visits him – alone. Brian wants to marry her and adopt Walt, and she wants to cover Michael's medical bills. Michael is outraged at feeling bought out and distanced from his own son – Susan pleads with him to consider what's best for Walt, and not be so selfish.

SPECIAL  LOST EPISODE,   TV POSTERHurley shakes Michael from his daydream, saying Walt has disappeared. Michael immediately assaults Locke, but upon seeing Walt is not with him, Locke offers to help find the boy. In the jungle, Walt walks his dog, Vincent, when they hear a low growl. Vincent takes off, leaving Walt alone.

Flashback – Walt, now 10 and living with Susan and Brian in Australia, vies for Brian's attention as he tends to Susan, who is feeling ill. Walt is working on a 'Birds of Australia' report. When Brian ignores him, a bird suddenly hits their glass door and dies. Brian is visibly shaken – this sort of thing must have happened before.

Brian visits Michael and breaks the news of Susan's death only a week later. Brian admits he never wanted to adopt Walt, and only did it to be with Susan. He wants Michael to take Walt and offers him a ticket to Australia. Brian warns Michael that 'there's something about him' and that Walt is… a little different.

In the jungle, Michael and Locke hear Walt's cries for help and find him hiding inside a tree trunk from – another polar bear?!?! (Some mind's eye that kid's got!) Michael's instinct is to run in right away and save Walt at any cost – but Locke, the hunter, has a plan.

In flashback, Michael arrives at Brian's house in Australia to pick up Walt… who has no idea who Michael is. Walt's nanny gives Michael a box of the cards, letters and drawings he sent over the years that Susan never gave to Walt. Walt doesn't want to leave Brian. Michael lies to save Walt's feelings, saying Brian would love to keep Walt, but it's not his decision.

Back on the Island, Michael climbs down into the trunk of the tree with Walt and ties a branch around his son, which Locke hoists to safety. Locke and Michael reach an understanding.

Michael finally presents the box of cards and drawing to Walt, who cannot believe Michael actually did write to him all these years.

Charlie, who has been driving himself crazy trying not to read Claire's diary, finally gives in. He learns that she really likes Charlie and feels safe around him – a bittersweet sentiment considering Charlie blames himself for Claire's abduction. Charlie brings the diary to Jack and Sayid – one entry mentions a recurring nightmare about a 'black rock' – something Rousseau mentioned to Sayid. Sayid realizes that could be the mysterious black symbol on the map, and perhaps where 'they' are holding Claire.

Locke and Boone traipse through the jungle (presumably toward the hatch) and hear a rustling. Is it Vincent? Nope. Just a half-dead Claire, stumbling toward them – battered, but alive and alone!

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