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  MOVIE POSTERRAISED BY ANOTHER, Lost Season 1 Episode 10, Best of the iconic TV series
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Created by: J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof

Stars: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Dominic Monaghan, Harold Perrineau


Claire begins to have reoccurring nightmares which one night result in her turning up with bloody hands, which leads Charlie to find out what is really going on. However, Jack isn't sure that anything really happened. Meanwhile, Hurley finds the flight manifest and discovers something shocking about a certain passenger.

What is WILDsound?


'Raised by Another' focuses on young, pregnant Claire Littleton and on the island's way of communicating through dreams and visions which are quite often more like nightmares.

We open on Claire's eye as she is woken in the night by a baby crying and then, she notices she is no longer pregnant. (Okay, we're in a dream, folks!) Claire follows the crying deeper into the jungle where she comes across Locke! sitting at what appears to be a psychic's table, shuffling cards. Locke admonishes Claire, 'Everybody pays the price now,' because she has given 'him' up presumably, her child.

She again follows the crying to find a crib in the jungle with a plane mobile above it. Pulling back the blankets, she finds no baby but a pool of blood. Claire wakes, screaming, with blood on her hands inflicted by her own fingernails. Charlie notifies Jack that Claire has had a nightmare. Claire assures Jack she had the proper pre-natal care before the flight.

We flash back to the day Claire and her boyfriend, Thomas, learn she is pregnant. Thomas seems more excited than Claire.

Two sentimental moments progress the relationships on the island, here. Jack and Kate flirt as Kate lets her feet sink in the sand at the shoreline; Kate worries about Sayid, and Jack worries that Claire will soon have her baby. Charlie looks after Claire, who is beginning to doubt her visions were just a nightmare; Charlie offers to be Claire's friend. She seems touched, but says nothing.

>Flashback Claire and a girlfriend pay a visit to a psychic, Richard Malkin. (Note: Claire won't be the only castaway who meets Malkin over the course of the show!) Malkin begins to read Claire's palm, but abruptly stops, shaken, and tells her he won't do it. He returns Claire's money and sends the girls away.

Claire wakes in the middle of the night again to see a man inserting a needle into her pregnant belly! Her screaming wakes the other castaways, and she is adamant that this was no dream. Jack is skeptical; Charlie and Hurley cannot find any attacker. Charlie comforts Claire, promising never to leave her.

In flashback, Thomas does leave Claire as her growing belly confronts him with the reality of the situation. He accuses her of intentionally getting pregnant to trap him.

The incident gives Hurley the idea to take a census of all of the castaways as he realizes they really don't know one another very well. As he points out, his name isn't really Hurley it's Hugo Reyes. But nobody knew that.

Hurley questions Locke and Ethan for the census. Jack tells Kate and Charlie that he believes Claire's incident was only a dream induced by her stress. Charlie seems upset at Jack's insinuation. Jack then tries to persuade Claire to take a few sedatives to calm her, and she is offended. She moves her gear to the beach, where she believes she'll be safer.

Flashback-Claire returns to the psychic and pleads with him to finish the reading. He acquiesces and says only that Claire must be the one to raise this child; her influence is imperative. When Claire states her intent to give the child up for adoption, Malkin continuously calls Claire for weeks, restating her need to raise the child. But Claire won't listen.

Hurley gets Shannon and Boone's info for the census. Boone suggests that Hurley go off the flight manifest however, Sawyer has it. Hurley asks for it straight and, surprisingly, Sawyer gives it up without a fight.

Charlie is escorting Claire to the beach when she begins to have contractions. Blundering, he reveals that is a recovering drug addict. Claire demands that he find Jack immediately. Charlie finds Ethan instead and asks Ethan to get Jack, so that Charlie can return to Claire's side.

We flash back to Claire with the adoptive parents, of whom she asks only one thing that they sing Catch a Falling Star to the baby, as her father sang to her. But when she tries to sign the papers, pen after pen runs dry. Claire takes this as a sign and leaves the office. She returns to Malkin, who says he has found the perfect couple to care for her child. They are in LA, and it is of utmost importance that she takes the Oceanic Flight 815 nonstop to LA the following day no other flight.

RAISED BY ANOTHER LOST EPISODE,   TV POSTERClaire tells this story to Charlie, and Charlie points out that Malkin seems to have known that their flight would crash, ensuring that Claire and nobody else raised the child. Claire's contractions stop, and they decide to return to the caves.

Sayid stumbles in, arriving at the caves mumbling about Danielle Rousseau, and that 'we are not alone on the island.' Hurley runs in he has cross-referenced the names from his census and those on the manifest, and there is one that does not belong: ETHAN'S.

In the jungle, Ethan finds Charlie and Claire...

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