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Matthew Toffolo

Matthew Toffolo - Watch Matthew's Movies Online

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Matthew Toffolo is the founder and creator of the WILDsound website, screenplay and film festival.

After working in the far behind scenes in the movie industry for two years, Matthew jumped into the business in late 2003 when he began Producing large budget short films to both commercial and film festival success.

From 2005 to 2010 Matthew then directed 20 short films that all played at over 200 various film festivals around the world. His films varied from budgets from $350 to $20,000 and it was then that he noticed that a lot can be done with the new technology with very little. It's all about the story, the execution and the marketing savvy to get your films out to the world.

His most recognized short, Beautiful, has been seen by over 5 million people online WATCH FILM HERE and he spent less than $800 making the film. Whereas his last hired directed short film, The Yard Sale, cost over $100,000 and it has done well playing on various TV channels, but it barely hit the popularity of Beautiful

After running a reading series event from 2003 to 2005 at a Toronto film co-op, Matthew created the Monthly WILDsound Film and Screenplay Festival in early 2007. An event that guarantees both an entertaining evening plus an educational one too (while also being FREE). It's premise is to showcase all of the great new talents from around the world who are screenwriters, filmmakers and actors. No longer is a large budget needed to tell a great story with moving images, but there always needs to be an audience. WILDsound is the middleman to bring the talent to the right audience and industry.

He pushes to make the place where magic happens. Currently the site averages over 100,000 visitors a day (3.1 million unique visitors a month) and it continues to rise each day.

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