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  MOVIE POSTERLOST PILOT part 2, Lost Season 1 Episode 2, Best of the iconic TV series
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Created by: J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof

Stars: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Dominic Monaghan, Harold Perrineau


Jack, Kate and Charlie return to the group, but the transceiver is broken. Sayid Jarrah fixes the apparatus and organizes an expedition with Kate, Charlie, Shannon Rutherford and her brother Boone Carlyle and the dangerous James "Sawyer" Ford to hike and climb a mountain to transmit a SOS. The group receives a sixteen years old distress call from a French woman in the island instead and kills a polar bear. They return to the survivor's base and decide to hide the information to preserve the hope of the group.


The second part of the Pilot episode doesn't offer much in the way of shaping the series that LOST is to become. With so many characters and intricacies yet to set up, we're offered more of the same – and while the information is absolutely necessary, it does drag. But patience is a virtue all Losties must have, because whether we get a satisfying new surprise, or answers to an old mystery, you can be assured that the twists will come.

The relationship between characters, and just who these characters are, continues to be fleshed out. In flashback, we see desperate Charlie seeing to his drug addiction in the bathroom of the plane seconds before the turbulence hits. Back on the beach, everybody tries to pitch in and gather supplies – except for prissy Shannon, who is more interested in sunbathing. Domineering Jin tells his wife, Sun, to button up her blouse when she speaks to other men.

And young Walt looks for his dog, Vincent, but instead comes upon a set of handcuffs – which play upon the castaways' stress and fears, and some begin to accuse one another. Sawyer and Sayid duke it out; Sawyer profiles Sayid and tells others he probably crashed the plane, simply because he is Iraqi. Sayid later believes Sawyer to be the mystery prisoner. Everybody is wary.

Sayid, who we learn was a telecommunications officer for the Republican Guard in the Gulf War – believes he can get the transceiver working from higher ground. He leads Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Boone and Shannon on a mission to do so.

Jack stays behind to tend to an unconscious man needing surgery. Kate seems to be oddly interested in the man, but tells Jack she only cares because they were sitting next to each other on the plane.

John Locke begins to develop a bond with Walt; we learn that Walt's mother just died. In a moment of foreshadowing, Locke teaches Walt to play backgammon, a game symbolic of the two opposing sides that will form later in the season. Locke asks Walt: "Do you want to know a secret?" -- but we won't be privy to that secret for a few more episodes…

Now the episode kicks it into another gear. The hiking group hears a wild animal coming at them – could it be the smoke monster? Walt's Labrador pup, Vincent? Sawyer forgoes the questions and shoots to kill – and a new island mystery surfaces. They've just shot a POLAR BEAR in the middle of the jungle. Where could it have come from? Sawyer, who usually gets the best line in any given episode, quips, "Probably bear village, how the hell do I know?" But even more odd than a polar bear in the jungle is that, only moments ago, we just saw Walt reading a Spanish comic book he found in the wreckage, depicting a crazed polar bear.

Again, patience is key here – the polar bear will be explained, but not for a few seasons!

The second question on everybody's mind is – how did Sawyer get a gun? He admits he took it off the US Marshall Jack is tending to back on the beach. He must have been escorting the prisoner that the handcuffs belonged to.

In Flashback, we see Kate on the plane – sitting next to the Marshall, just as she told Jack. Only she failed to mention that she was his prisoner. The writers do give Kate moments to show she's not your typical ‘bad guy' however – when the Marshall loses consciousness during the crash, Kate secures his oxygen mask for him.

LOST ACTION,  TV POSTERBack on the beach, the Marshall finally wakes and asks Jack where "she" is. He warns Jack that "she" is dangerous and not to be trusted, but he is too far gone to tell Jack who "she" is.And in a final chilling reveal, the hikers pick up another person's signal on their transceiver, which blocks them from transmitting. The outgoing signal is a recording playing on a continuous loop, spoken by a French woman. Sayid is able to calculate in his head that the loop has been playing for over 16 years (good mental math, Sayid!)

Finally, Shannon is able to translate the message: "I'm alone now. Please, somebody come. The others are dead. It killed them, it killed them all."

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