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Jen Frankel

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Jen Frankel is Director of Development at Wildcard Pictures, and a partner in the WILDsound Film Festival, as well as appearing often on the daily WILDsound entertainment podcast.

She is active as a novelist, essayist, poet, composer, and sometimes (although more rarely nowadays) a performer. A selection of her writing can be found in the "jenstuff" section on the WILDsound site, as well as on her own site jen frankel dot com. She also contributes to the Filmmaker Notes section.

Her novel, the supernatural thriller The Last Rite is now available as an ebook exclusively from WILDsound and Xeno Productions.

Along with Wildcard Pictures co-founder Matthew Toffolo, she wrote and/or produced 9 shorts over a 15 month period.

Jen placed second in the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest for her memoir Sincere Flattery, and has appeared in magazines and journals across North America. She has been a semi-finalist in both the Final Draft Big Break and Scriptapalooza TV competitions as well.

Check out the bottom of "Watch Films Online" for a selection of Wildcard Pictures shorts.

More from Jen

Reviews and Essays

Watchmen Review Jen thinks it was worth the 20 year wait.
Race to Witch Mountain This may just be worth seeing, even if you have a soft spot for the source.
2012 Review The world is ending. Will Chuck Norris at least survive?
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review No, it's not Elvis, those sideburns are all Mutant.
Observe and Report Review Stop him, before he performs again!
Land of the Lost Review Does Will Ferrell really have nothing better to do?
Night at the Museum 2 If it's more of the good, great. Let's hope they didn't keep the crap and toss the rest.
Underworld: Evolution Review The Lycans and the Vampires are back, and it's a biting drama.
Star Trek Review Still don't understand how you can like (or love) the original, and not be monumentally wary...
Coraline Review Glorious animation, thin storyline.
Confessions of a Shopoholic Review Not much of a vehicle for the talented Isla Fisher.
Pink Panther 2 A surprisingly well crafted comedy, in the Blake Edwards vein.
Hotel for Dogs Review Good family fun -- with a lot of dirt thrown in!
Imagine That Review Eddie Murphy is the new / old Ben Stiller... Romantic comedy-ho!
Dragonball: Evolution Review Can manga survive in live action without extra spiky hair and big, big eyes?
Hannah Montana Review The girl grows up in the public eye -- how's she doing, dad?
The Day The Earth Stood Still Review: starring Jennifer Connolly
Frost/Nixon Review: starring Michael Sheen
Frost/Nixon: The Original Broadcast Original 90 min interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon
Punisher: War Zone Review: starring Ray Stevenson
The Secret Life of Bees Review: starring Queen Latifah
Quantum of Solace Review: starring Daniel Craig
City of Ember Review: starring Tim Robbins
Madagascar 2 Review: starring Ben Stiller
The Dark Knight Read the most controversial article Wildsound has ever published. Sheesh, bat-fans.
Max Payne Review: starring Mark Wahlberg
Hellboy Vs. The Dark Knight She ain't politically correct, but Jen liked the big red guy better.
The Women Review: starring Meg Ryan.
Heroes On comic book films and adaptations.
Fringe Has J.J. Abrams launched another bizarre masterpiece?
Frenzy Review: Alfred Hitchcock's breathless thriller
August Rush Review: starring Freddie Highmore
Eastern Promises Review: starring Viggo Mortensen
The Closer Review: starring Kyra Sedgwick
The Haunting Comparing the 1999 remake with the horror classic.
Flesh and the Devil Review: 1926 classic film
Michael Moore's Sicko There's truth in that there bias.
Blackadder Review of the classic British comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson.

The New Democracy John Bolton: man without morals. Bush makes more sense now.
Does God Exist? Who loves ya, God Baby?
Extreme Makeover: Life Edition Ever wanted to just... run away from everything?
Drinking the Kool-Aid Remembering the victims of Jonestown 30 years later.
A Modest Proposition If they let gays marry, what's next? Deaf marriage? Ridiculous...
Famous Unknown Actors Jen's profile of Canada's Joe Dinicol and Nepal's Raj Ballav Koirala
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Jen puts some perspective to the Rowling juggernaut.
More from Lalaland Part two of Jen's trip to Hollywood.
Sex In the Cinema Are the prudes ruining Hollywood?
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution To evolve is human, to intelligently design divine?
Beauty Tips Not that I hate being a girl, but isn't all that primping a waste of valuable time and resources?
St. Stephen The amazing Stephen Lewis crusades tirelessly against AIDS in Africa.
Zen Men Writing as Emilia Kellos; the battle of the sexes just got crosser!
Jenny in Lalaland Jen visits FilmMecca, aka Hollywood.
Learn To Shoot A Gun...Please To understand how dangerous power can be in the wrong hands, try it in yours.
Why Elisabeth Hasselbeck is My Hero And no, it's not her fashion sense.
The Devil is a Landlord ...And he's out to get me.
Getting Ready to Take Flight Jen prepares for her trip to California.
The Fat Ladies' Mafia in Outer Space Jen thinks that would be a totally genius video game. Yeah?
Clinton and Obama A woman, and a black man. The best hope for a country that has had enough prejudice against both.
Internet Bullying Is it okay if you're only texting your abuse?
Proportional Representation The best reform for the electoral process that will never be adopted.
The Lady in the Locker Recalling the joys of make-believe.
Genius & the All-Grey Penguin Musings on genius and gender.

Writer's Way
Ken Rotcop Hollywood's master of the pitch gives Jen some great tips on selling a script.
Grimm Storytelling Tips You can learn a lot about storytelling from the masters of the fairy tale.
Getting It Out There Don't fear self-promotion!
Write From Your Dreams The best source for really great, unique ideas may be your own head.
Criminal Psychology for Writers The benefits of getting in touch with your - or someone else's - dark side.
A Real Writing Challenge Jen takes on her own journals.
Organizing Writing Jen tracks down the bits and pieces of her new novel.
Weaving the Threads When dealing with complex plot threads, try an old baker's trick!
Little Voices Jen works on erasing some negative beliefs, and remembering how much fun it is to dream.
Creativity Through Thick and Thin Are you spreading yourself thin, or is that just your style?
Using Art to Stimulate Creativity Doodle! You might just break your writer's block.
Write Something Every Day A useful idea -- the foregone conclusion paradigm.
Rekindling the Spark Jen enters voluntary exile to rediscover her creative passion.
The Missing Link Filling in the space between ambition and achievement is the tough part.

Pictorial Essays / Photos / Paintings

Malin Akerman Exclusive pics At MTV Live, March 2009
Grasshopper Acrylic painting
High School Memories Was it the best, or the worst, of times?
High School Reunion Jen can't resist a little civil disobedience at her reunion, post-it style.
100 Things I'd Rather Do A come-back for every unwelcome invitation.
Bonnet Lady Pen and ink drawing

Below, Steve Boleantu in "Beautiful"
Wildcard Pictures, 2006, 11 min.

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