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Monday Night TV on NBC







This episode opens with Noah (HRG) Claire's Dad, still reeling from the image of the painting in which he is dead from a gunshot wound to the head and Claire stands over his body. Trying to find out more he talks to Claire and asks her if she has a boyfriend. To which she simply and calmly replies no. She then sneaks out for a late night rendezvous with her boyfriend West. The boy who can fly. They end up sitting on top of the Hollywood sign talking and West persuades Claire to jump because she needs to trust him. She agrees and jumps off the sign, free falling through space, only to be caught by West. They then share a passionate kiss. As West brings Claire home she realizes that it is well past the time the library would be open and comes up with another lie to tell her Father. She tells him that she has taken up cheerleading as it is the one and only thing that makes her feel normal and makes her happy. He agrees and she heads off to bed. After she leaves the Haitian appears and the two talk about traveling to the Ukraine regarding another of Isaac's paintings.

Meanwhile, Nathan visits his two sons at the private school that they attend. He tells them that their grandmother, is in the hospital. He apologizes for his recent actions and decides to shave his beard because his sons do not like it. Their teacher arrives and tells him to leave, that he is not supposed to be there. He promises his sons that he will coming home soon.

Molly continues to have bad dreams about the nightmare man and the mysterious kanji symbol. Matt Parkman questions Mrs. Petrelli the next day and she claims to be the one who murdered Kaito Nakamura, Hiro's father. Matt doesn't believe her, because he can read her mind. He asks her why she is doing what she is doing, and she telepathically tells him to drop it and accept her confession, otherwise the police will dig deeper and find out about all the people with superpowers. Nathan then shows up at the hospital and asks Parkman what he is doing. Parkman reveals his mind reading powers to Nathan who remembers the kanji symbol and the original photograph. Nathan then talks to his Mother and tries to get her not to confess, but she will not give in. She seems to be in fear for her life and the lives of others and she doesn't want to put Nathan in any danger.

Parkman and Nathan team up, as Nathan searches for the original photograph of the 12 old and original heroes. Upon finding it they realize that most of the people pictured are dead, but a few remain alive. Including Bob from Primatech, Mohinders new boss and Parkman's father whom he has not seen since he was a young child. Parkman then enlists the aid of Molly to help and locate his estranged father. She agrees at first but then upon seeing the photograph she screams and says to take it away, because the nightmare man is pictured in the photograph. After a short while she agrees to help Matt find his father. She uses her locating abilities and discovers he's in Philadelphia, in an apartment building in apartment #9. She then promptly screams, saying the nightmare man has found her, and she passes out. She seems to be in some sort of coma like state but she calls out to Matt telepathically, to help her. She is trapped within the confines of her own mind.

The new heroes Maya, Alejandro and Derek continue there journey to America. As they are traveling by car along a dirt road they come across a man laying face down. They leave the car and go out to investigate. After turning the man over it's Sylar. Barely alive they agree to help him and they put him in the car. As, they continue to drive Maya begins to talk to him, and she shows him the copy of Dr. Suresh's book. He is interested in these people and why they would have a copy of the book. So, he agrees to take them to New York City to see the doctor in payment for their kindness. After traveling for a while Derek pulls over to rest. He discovers a newspaper with an article about Maya and Alejandro on the front page. The newspaper says they are murderers. He attempts to alert Sylar to the news that they are traveling with two murderers, as Derek goes to call the police Sylar kills him by bashing in his skull with a rock. Sylar then goes back to the car and explains to Maya and Alejandro that Derek is going to turn them in. Upon hearing that news Maya's power kicks in and Sylar upon seeing it is impressed. He then agrees to help them and they promptly steal the dead man's car.

Catching up with Micah in New Orleans. We find him getting acquainted with his cousins. He seems like a fish out of water just trying to fit in. he agrees to help his cousin get the Wrestling pay per view by using his powers. Meanwhile his other cousin Monica turns out to be a new hero with an interesting ability she can mimic anything and everything she sees on television. While watching the pay per view wrestling events she witnesses a wrestling move which she then uses the next day as they are closing up at the burger joint she works at when they are robbed at gun point. Thereby she saves the day. She has a cool line of dialogue when the manager asks her where she learned that and she replies I saw it on television.

Overall another top notch episode. I really enjoyed it. There is always so much going on. You really have to pay attention. Another thing that I like about this series is that you never see things coming. They always keep you guessing and each revelations just leads to more mysteries and questions.

Heroes is a phenomenal show. They consistently set and raise the bar each week. The cliffhanger endings keep you coming back each and every week for more. The labyrinth like plots and stories with numerous twists and turns create untold conspiracy theories. This is the absolute best show on television, from beginning to end.





This episode started off with a bang or rather a beat down. As, amnesiac Peter Petrelli had been captured by the Irish thugs from the end of the last episode. Now their hostage and tied up in the back room of a pub, they begin working him over like something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. However, thanks to Peter's powers the thugs are surprised to see all of his wounds healed. They then leave his to think about his predicament as they go and try to smooth things over with the guy who wanted the iPods that were supposed to be in the container that Peter was in, from last episode. While they are gone peter exhibiting still more powers, much like Sylar, escapes from his bindings and is about to make good his escape when some other thugs enter the bar and start to harass the love young lass who has shown Peter some compassion. As, the true hero that we all know he is, he enters the bar from the back room and dispatches with the bad guys in easy fashion.

Meanwhile, Claire continues to try and blend in at home and school in her new life in Costa Verde, California. While in school see begins asking questions about genetics and regenerating limbs in her science class. This in turn piques the interest of young West. Who, it seems knows something is not quite right with our favorite cheerleader. As she walks to her car at the end of the day, he hassles her, and she blows him off. Only to find out that her car has been stolen. But by whom? Well, we all know that her Dad, Noah (HRG) probably won't be to happy about that.

Mohinder, on the advice and dime of the new company he is working for is directed to the Haitian from the first season, who it seems is suffering from the virus that is starting to kill those with super powers. Upon finding the Haitian, Mohinder then administers the antidote and cures him. Only to have the Haitian use his mind wiping powers on him and then disappear. But as we find out it was all part of Mohinder's and Noah's (HRG) plan. Now as Noah (HRG) is reunited with the Haitian, he starts to set his plan in motion to secure the rest of the mysterious Isaac Mendez painting which seem to show the deaths of the old guard heroes. I've got my own theories on who just might be killing those so called heroes. As, I am sure you do as well.

Back in New York, newly appointed Detective Matt Parkman is investigating the death of Kaito Nakamura. Hiro's Father. We all know that Parkman is familiar with the mysterious sigil, it's all over Molly's drawings. But upon talking to Ando, we find out that the sigil is Japanese Kanji and means "great ability." The same symbol appears on the sword of the legendary warrior and hero Takezo Kensei. Angela Petrelli is in turn brought in for questioning regarding Katio Nakamura's death, and stone walls the detectives. Nathan shows up to bail his mother out of jail, just as screams and a commotion erupt from the room in which they are holding her. Who or what was the invisible specter that was able to easily gain access to Angela Petrelli?

In 1671 Japan, Hiro continues to try and persuade his hero Takezo Kensei to do the right thing. However a drunken Takezo Kensei is of no help to anyone, so Hiro takes it upon himself to reinstate his heroes name and rally the people support Kensei, by putting on the armor himself and saving the day. It works and just as things are looking bright and sunny, the bad guys return and fire a volley of arrows squarely into the chest of Takezo Kensei. Killing him...or do they. As, the bandits flee, Hiro kneeling over Takezo Kensei realizes that he too has a power, as he seemingly returns to life.

In the end once again as is customary for such a great show, we are left with more questions, and scenarios. The ending with Claire clipping off her pinkie toe with a pair of scissors was outstanding and let me wanting more. It also tied directly into the title of this episode as Lizards can do the same thing. We saw for the first time as Maya's power manifested itself. Her bleeding black ooze seems to kill people, but her brother seems to have the power to dampen her own and control it. It will be interesting to see this develop.

This show is consistently on a high level, and it never disappoints. The endings come to quick and they always leave me not so patiently waiting for the following Monday's episode. This is one show that has everything. From the directing, to the writing, to the acting, to the cast, to the production qualities and everything in between. This is what episodic weekly television is all about.

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