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Directed By Todd Solondz

Starring Jon Lovitz, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Dylan Baker, Jane Adams
Review by Christopher Upton


The story of three sisters from New Jersey, as they struggle with difficult life situations. The selfishness of the three sisters however, blinds them to what is going on around them as life in New Jersey gets stranger and stranger.


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This film is, almost certainly, one of the most polarising you could watch. It certainly isnít one for all the family and when it was released critics dismissed it as simply trying to shock people. With hindsight, even if it is a bit heavy-handed, Solondzís skewed view of modern life is as well observed as Magnolia and will stay with you long after youíve got through it.

Three sisters are going about their regular lives finding it difficult to get to grips with the modern world. The eldest sister Trish, the homemaker, canít understand why her little sister canít obtain the type of happiness she has acquired. The middle sister Helen, the artist, is struggling with the fact she writes about rape but has not experienced it, a fact bringing on much existential guilt. The youngest sister Joy has just dumped her boyfriend, Jon Lovitz as a particularly desperate interpretation of himself, and is having trouble either moving out of her parents or finding the happiness her sisters have.

The sisters are the linchpins of Happiness and the story is tied together by their lives, but the most interesting things in this film happen with them mainly oblivious to it. And while the three of them couldnít be more different they have one uniting factor which ensures you know they are sisters- their complete selfishness. From Joy dumping Lovitzís Andy because of how he makes her look to Helen playing with the neighbours feelings for her art, their actions are a constant stream of vain and vacuous attempts to find their own level of happiness.

Without the sisters the story would be a collection of unrelated events, Solondz uses them as bad examples of ambition and desire. The rest of the characters around them, while misfits, at least have some redeeming features. The art of creating this type of outsider is something that Solondz is particularly adept at.

His film prior to this, Welcome to the Dollhouse, saw Heather Matarazzo as an underachieving middle child struggling to come to terms with her newfound adolescence. The character was a complete outcast, indulging in wholly unsuitable practices, but she was relatable because of the hopelessness she exhibited and a yearning for essential normality. Solondz also later explored this search for a sense of self in his film Palindromes, a story of a girl who runs away from home to become pregnant at the age of thirteen. Various actresses played the part of the lead and the girls search for belonging and a unified is never completed.

While Welcome to the Dollhouse highlighted some issues, it was slightly immature in its approach and its targets werenít as effectively hit as they could have been. With Palindromes everything was overstated and the actions seemed specifically designed just to incite shock rather than having any relevance to plot. Happiness is the prime example of the director at work. But this wouldnít have been possible without some truly exceptional performances from the supporting cast.

Jon Lovitz is the first person to enter except for the sisters. Perfectly put upon, he is madly in love with Joy, so much so he has spent a large amount of money on a very special present for her. Her rejection of him however, quickly makes this shambling man spit out a torrent of abuse, and Lovitz is exceptional in his switch to spitting bile through tear-laden eyes. His suicide post this dinner isnít a tremendous surprise because of the self-hatred Jon Lovitz exhibits with every sad movement of Andyís face. He is the first victim of the three sisters; the second is loner Allen played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in one of his strangest performances.

Living across the hall from Helen he fantasises day after day of finally getting the courage to go over there and have sex with her. With every inch of his body this is all he desires, unfortunately he is a chubby and very boring man, so boring in fact his therapist daydreams while hearing about it. Hoffmanís portrayal is cringe worthy as he makes Allen so skin crawlingly desperate you end up disliking him as much as he dislikes himself. This seems particularly difficult, to make you feel simultaneously sickened and sorry for a character, and itís a whirlwind performance; though it does have just a little bit too much masturbation. While these two characters are simply simpering followers of the sisters, the final character is the most compelling and itís the most amazing performance of the film.

Dylan Baker is exceptional and heartbreaking as the most loathed man of the film, but he manages something extraordinary. His penchant for deviant sexuality aside, he truly cares for his son and the scenes between the two of them are tear jerking. Itís an unbelievable performance from both actors in the scene as they so frankly discuss things and manage to convey such respect for each other throughout.

While the character of Bill is obviously deserving of his punishment Baker manages, what would seem impossible, and actually makes you feel sorry for him. Emasculated completely by his wife and trapped in a job he doesnít enjoy, he takes it so well and remains so calm that his crimes have managed to pass everyone by, he manages to hide in plain sight. He is a victim of the sisters but he leaves an indelible impression on his son who, even though his father is pretty much a monster, still loves him deeply- much more than his mother.

This isnít an easy watch and a lot of people wonít make it to the conclusion, and thereís a possibility those that do will wish they hadnít. But as a compelling look at the depths to which people will dive to in order to obtain the much sought after happiness, itís a masterpiece of bleak American storytelling.

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Ryder, Winona
Saint, Eva Marie
Saldana, Zoe
Sarandon, Susan
Seberg, Jean
Sevigny, Chloe
Shannon, Molly
Shearer, Norma
Shire, Talia
Shue, Elisabeth
Simmons, Jean
Smith, Maggie
Spacek, Sissy
Stanwyck, Barbara
Stapleton, Maureen
Steenburgen, Mary
Stewart, Kristen
Stiles, Julia
Stone, Emma
Stone, Sharon
Streep, Meryl
Streisand, Barbra
Sullavan, Margaret
Swank, Hilary
Swanson, Gloria
Swinton, Tilda
Tandy, Jessica
Tatou, Audrey
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Lili
Temple, Shirley
Theron, Charlize
Thomas, Kristin
Thompson, Emma
Thompson, Lea
Thurman, Uma
Tomei, Marisa
Turner, Kathleen
Tyler, Liv
Ullmann, Liv
Union, Gabrielle
Ward, Sela
Warner, Amelia
Watts, Naomi
Weaver, Sigourney
Weisz, Rachel
Weld, Tuesday
Wiest, Dianne
Wiig, Kristen
Wilson, Rita
Winfrey, Oprah
Winger, Debra
Winslet, Kate
Winters, Shelley
Withers, Jane
Witherspoon, Cora
Witherspoon, Reese
Wood, Evan Rachel
Wood, Natalie
Woodward, Joanne
Wray, Fay
Wright Penn, Robin
Wright, Teresa
Wyatt, Jane
Wyman, Jane
Zellweger, Renee

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Bale, Christian
Bana, Eric
Banderas, Antonio
Barrymore, John
Barrymore, Lionel
Bateman, Jason
Beatty, Ned
Beatty, Warren
Bell, Tobin
Benigni, Roberto
Biehn, Michael
Black, Jack
Bloom, Orlando
Bogart, Humphrey
Branagh, Kenneth
Brando, Marlon
Bridges, Jeff
Brody, Adrien
Burton, Richard
Buscemi, Steve
Butler, Gerard
Byrne, Gabriel
Caan, James
Cage, Nicolas
Cagney, James
Caine, Michael
Carell, Steve
Carrey, Jim
Carlin, George
Cazale, John
Cera, Michael
Chan, Jackie
Chapman, Graham
Cheadle, Don
Cleese, John
Cliff, Montgomery
Cline, Edward F
Clooney, George
Cobb, Lee J
Cole, Gary
Connery, Sean
Cook, Dane
Cooper, Chris
Cooper, Gary
Costner, Kevin
Cox, Brian
Craig, Daniel
Crisp, Donald
Crowe, Russell
Crosby, Bing
Cruise, Tom
Cube, Ice
Cusack, John
DaFoe, Willem
Damon, Matt
Daniels, Jeff
David, Larry
Day-Lewis, Daniel
Def, Mos
Depardieu, Gerard
Depp, Johnny
DeNiro, Robert
DiCaprio, Leonardo
Dillon, Matt
Dillahunt, Garret
Downey Jr, Robert
Douglas, Kirk
Douglas, Michael
Dreyfuss, Richard
Duvall, Robert
Eastwood, Clint
Eckhart, Aaron
Ejiofor, Chiwetel
Elliot, Sam
Englund, Robert
Farrell, Colin
Favreau, Jon
Feore, Colm
Ferrell, Will
Fichtner, William
Firth, Colin
Fishburne, Laurence
Ford, Harrison
Foster, Ben
Fox, Michael J.
Foxx, Jamie
Freeman, Morgan
Fonda, Henry
Gable, Clark
Gandolfini, James
Gervais, Ricky
Giamatti, Paul
Gibson, Mel
Glover, Crispin
Glover, Danny
Goodman, John
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph
Grant, Cary
Grant, Hugh
Green, Seth
Guinness, Alec
Guzman, Luis
Gyllenhaal, Jake
Hackman, Gene
Hall, Michael C
Hamill, Mark
Hanks, Tom
Hardy, Oliver
Harrelson, Woody
Harris, Ed
Hawke, Ethan
Heston, Charlton
Hirsch, Emile
Hoffman, Dustin
Hoffman, Philip Seymour
Holbrook, Hal
Holden, William
Holm, Ian
Hope, Bob
Hopkins, Anthony
Hopper, Dennis
Holm, Ian
Hoskins, Bob
Howard, Terrence
Hulce, Tom
Hurt, John
Hurt, William
Huston, Walter
Idle, Eric
Irons, Jeremy
Jackman, Hugh
Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Samuel L
Jaffe, Sam
Johnson, Chic
Johnson, Dwayne
Jones, Tommy Lee
Keaton, Michael
Keitel, Harvey
Kelly, Gene
Kennedy, George
Kilmer, Val
Kinnear, Greg
Kotto, Yaphet
Koteas, Elias
Krasinski, John
Kristofferson, Kris
Landau, Martin
Laurel, Stan
Law, Jude
Lawrence, Martin
LaBeouf, Shia
Lancaster, Burt
Langella, Frank
Langdon, Harry
Ledger, Heath
Lee, Bernard
Lee, Christopher
Lee, Jason
Lemmon, Jack
Leto, Jared
Li, Jet
Liotta, Ray
Lloyd, Christopher
Lloyd, Harold
Loggia, Robert
Long, Justin
Lorre, Peter
Lowe, Rob
Lucas, Josh
Lugosi, Bela
Mac, Bernie
Macy, William H
Maguire, Toby
Malden, Karl
March, Fredric
Malkovich, John
Marsden, James
Marshall, Herbert
Martin, Dean
Martin, Steve
Marx Brothers
Matthau, Walter
McBride, Danny
McConaughey, M
McGraw, Tim
McGregor, Ewan
McKellan, Ian
Meredith, Burgess
Mills, John
Mitchum, Robert
Moore, Roger
More, Kenneth
Mortensen, Viggo
Mostel, Zero
Mulroney, Dermot
Murray, Bill
Murphy, Eddie
Myers, Mike
Newman, Paul
Nicholson, Jack
Nimoy, Leonard
Niven, David
Norton, Edward
O'Brien, Edmond
Oldman, Gary
Olsen, Ole
O'Toole, Peter
Owen, Clive
Pacino, Al
Patrick, Robert
Palin, Michael
Palminteri, Chazz
Pantoliano, Joe
Pattinson, Rober
Patton, Will
Paxton, Bill
Pearce, Guy
Peck, Gregory
Penn, Sean
Pepper, Barry
Perlman, Ron
Pesci, Joe
Phillippe, Ryan
Phoenix, Joaquin
Phoenix, River
Pitt, Brad
Pleasance, Donald
Plummer, Chris
Pollak, Kevin
Quaid, Dennis
Quaid, Randy
Quinn, Aidan
Quinn, Anthony
Rea, Stephen
Redford, Robert
Reed, Oliver
Reeves, Keanu
Reilly, John C.
Reno, Jean
Reynolds, Ryan
Ribisi, Giovanni
Robards, Jason
Rockwell, Sam
Rogen, Seth
Rourke, Mickey
Rudd, Paul
Rush, Geoffrey
Russell, Kurt
Sandler, Adam
Sands, Julian
Savage, John
Schreiber, Liev
Scheider, Roy
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Schwartzman, Jason
Scott, George C
Scott, Sean William
Shatner, William
Shaw, Robert
Sheen, Martin
Sheen, Michael
Simmons, JK
Sinatra, Frank
Sizemore, Tom
Shepard, Sam
Skerritt, Tom
Slater, Christian
Smith, Charles M
Smith, Will
Snipes, Wesley
Spacey, Kevin
Spader, James
Speedman, Scott
Stallone, Sylvestor
Statham, Jason
Stewart, James
Stiller, Ben
Stoltz, Eric
Stormare, Peter
Sutherland, Donald
Sutherland, Kiefer
Swayze, Patrick
Tatum, Channing
Thomas, Henry
Thornton, Billy Bob
Travolta, John
Tucci, Stanley
Van Dyke, Dick
Van Cleef, Lee
Vaughn, Vince
Voight, Jon
Von Sydow, Max
Wahlberg, Donnie
Wahlberg, Mark
Walken, Christopher
Walker, Paul
Walsh, JT
Warden, Jack
Washington, Denzel
Watanabe, Ken
Wayne, John
Weathers, Carl
Whannell, Leigh
Wheeler, Bert
Whitaker, Forest
Wilson, Patrick
Wilkinson, Tom
Williams, Robin
Willis, Bruce
Wilson, Owen
Winstone, Ray
Wiseman, Joseph
Wood, Elijah
Woods, James
Woolsey, Robert
Worthington, Sam
Young, Burt


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