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Friday May 24 2013 - Battle at Box Office - Hangover 3 vs Fast and the Furious 6

Thursday May 23 2013 - Forbes Most Powerful Women. TV Critics Nominations. Teen Choice Award Nominations

Wednesday May 22 2013 - HALO TV show - Spielberg and Mircrosoft teaminup . Best of 24 season 3

Wednesday May 8 2013 - Andrew Garfield to Star in upcoming Martin Scorsese film. - Titled SILENCE. Upcoming MAY films

May 1 2013 - Best of 24 season 2. 2013 Tony Award Nominations. Lily James as Cinderella

Sunday April 28 2013 - Best of Monsters Inc. movies. Box Office Report: 'Pain & Gain' Tops Friday

Friday April 26 2013 - Best of The Hangover III movies. Media going after Bieber ala Miley and Britney!

Thursday April 25 2013 - Best of UPCOMING movies. Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey? Zach Braff kickstarter campaign

Wednesday April 24 2013 - Best of AFTER EARTH movie. Reese Witherspoon Cancels 'GMA,' Jimmy Fallon Appearances Following Arrest

Sunday April 21 2013 - Best of Fast 6 movie. Box Office on Cruise Control - 'Oblivion' Heads for $38M Opening

Friday April 19 2013 - Best of Oblivion movie. TIME announces 100 most influencial people in the world

Thursday April 18 2013 - Best of Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fashion Police writers going on strike

Wednesday April 17 2013 - Best of The Great Gatsby, Ozzy O denies divorce and relapses again

Saturday April 13 2013 - Comedian Jonathan Winters Dead at 87 . Veronica Mars Movie. 24 Season 1 Reviews

Friday April 12 2013 - Point Break Remake. Veronica Mars Movie. West Wing Season 5 Reviews

Thursday April 11 2013 - Best of 42 Movie. MTV Cancels Buckwild - After Shain Gandee's Death

Wednesday April 10 2013 - Best of JON HAMM'S work. First PICS for Captain American 2: Winter Soldier

Saturday April 6 2013 - Best of JURASSIC PARK movies. Kellan Lutz Nabs Title Role in 'Hercules 3D'

Friday April 5 2013 - Roger Ebert dead at 70. Christopher Abbott (Aka Charlie) Abruptly Exits 'Girls' Season 3 As Production Starts

Thursday April 4 2013 - Jay Leno passing to Jimmy Fallon. Best of Evil Dead movies

Friday March 22 2013 - This Weekend's Movies. James Herbert obituary.

Thursday March 21 2013 - NBC prepping Jimmy Fallon for 'Tonight Show' takeover. New Director BIOS.

Tuesday March 19 2013 - 'The Bible' Producers: - Obama-Devil Link 'Utter Nonsense'. 2013 Movie Genres

Saturday March 16 2013 - New cast for Anchorman 2. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Are Back Together. Kickstarter celebrity blitz

Friday March 15 2013 - Ang Lee's Oscar Follow-Up: An FX Pilot. Best of this weekend's films

Thursday March 14 2013 - Hannibal TV show Trailer and Poster revealed. Girls Season 2 reviews

Tuesday March 12 2013 - Mad Men Season 6 Poster Revealed. Best of 2008 Movies. The View shakeup?

Saturday March 2 2013 - This week's movies. Clint Eastwood Urges Supreme Court - To Allow Gay Marriage, Overturn Prop 8

MOVIE REVIEW - Jack the Giant Slayer - first big hit of the year.

Thursday February 28 2013 - Chris Cooper as Green Goblin in next Spiderman. Top 10 Greatest Athletes.

Wednesday February 27 2013 - Dancing with the Stars new cast. Ben Stiller and Arrested Development. Top 10 Wayne Gretzky.

Tuesday February 26 2013 - 2013 Oscar Roundup: Ratings, How was Seth MacFarlane as host. Who won?. Mad Men Season 5 Reviews.

Saturday February 23 2013 - Megan Fox back with Michael Bay for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mad Men Season 4 Reviews.

Friday February 22 2013 - Film Students take over models at Oscars. This week's movies.

Tuesday February 16 2013 - R.I.P. Jerry Buss and Mindy McCready. Mad Men Season 3 reviews.

Saturday February 16 2013 - Han Solo will be back for Star Wars. Mad Men Season 2 reviews.

Friday February 15 2013 - ABC bans PETA ad for Oscar telecast. Fox wins copyright lawsuit. Mad Men Season 1 reviews.

Thursday February 14 2013 - Top 10 Movies to watch on Valentine's Day. Nora Ephron to be awarded.

Friday February 8 2013 - Silver Lining's White House. Yodi creator dies. Upcoming Movies.

Thursday February 7 2013 - Star Wars origin story films: Who else is getting their own film?.

Wednesday February 6 2013 - Yoda's getting his own movie. Who's presenting at the Oscars? Top 10 Spielberg movies.

Friday February 1 2013 - This weekend's films. Bryan Cranston looks at post-Walter White future.

Thursday January 31 2013 - Top 10 All-Time Movie Franchises. Gomer Pyle marries longtime male lover. How I Met gets ninth season.

Wednesday January 30 2013 - Showtime renews Californication, Shameless, and House of Lies.

Tuesday January 29 2013 - New TV Reviews.

Monday January 28 2013 - Weekend Box Office Results. Producers Guild Awards. SAG Awards.

Saturday January 26 2013 - JJ Abrams Robot TV PILOT gets greenlight. Sarah Palin parts ways with Fox News.

Friday January 25 2013 - JJ Abrams set to direct next Star Wars film. Girls gets season 3 greenlight.

Thursday January 24 2013 - Adele to perform SKYFALL song at Oscars. Mad Men announces schedule for season 6.

Wednesday January 23 2013 - Arnold coming back to Terminator. Seth MacFarlane gets another pilot. More Sundance stuff!

Tuesday January 22 2013 - Sundance Updates for 2013.

Monday January 21 2013 - Weekend Box Office Results. Best of Jim Brown NFL Legend.

Friday January 18 2013 - Best of new films this weekend. Dear Abby is dead. Costume Design awards.

Thursday January 17 2013 - Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno. Kathryn Bigelow open letter in Rolling Stone. Best of Muhammad Ali

Wednesday January 16 2013 - Die Hard director going to prison. The Killing coming back for season 3.

Tuesday January 15 2013 - Best of the movie award season.

Monday January 14 2013 - Weekend Box Office Results. Best of Golden Globes and winners.

Saturday January 12 2013 - Film Critics award winners. Best Supporting Actor and Actress pages.

Thursday January 10 2013 - OSCAR NOMINATIONS announced!

Wednesday January 9 2013 - Django Unchained action figures get heat for being racist. DGA nominations. Best of Gangster Squad.

Tuesday January 8 2013 - Best of Jackie Robinson. Snakes on a Plane director dies. Josh Brolin gets arrested.

Friday January 4 2013 - Writers Guild Nominations. James Bond headed to Oscars. Texas Chainsaw movies best of!

Thursday January 3 2013 - Upcoming January 2013 Movies. Skyfall hits top 10 in Producers Guild nominations.

Wednesday January 2 2013 - Oscar voting. Jay-Z to score The Great Gatsby. Story of Django Unchained.

Tuesday January 1 2013 - Kim Kardashian Pregnant photo. Weekend Box Office Results. Best of upcoming 2013 movies.

Saturday December 29 2012 - Rome festival to give Tarantino special award. Harrey Carey Jr. dies at 91. Tribune Co. announces they are out of bankrupcy.

Thursday December 27 2012 - January 2013 movies. Les Miserables dominating box office and album sales.

Wednesday December 26 2012 - Charles Durning and Jack Klugman die. Ben Affleck for Senate? Taylor Swift most charible actress.

Monday December 24 2012 - Best of 2012 Movies, Actors. Who was the highest paid actor of 2012?

Sunday December 23 2012 - Top 10 Movies PODCASTS of 2012. Walking Dead showrunner leaves. NRA blames media for school shootings!

Friday December 21 2012 - Best red carpet photos of 2012. Ben Affleck might run for Senate.

Thursday December 20 2012 - Barack Obama TIME person of the year. Senators outraged about Zero Dark Thirty. Hugh Jackman back in X-Men.

Wednesday December 19 2012 - Reviews for Promised Land, Hyde Park on Hudson. The West Wing Season 3 videos.

Tuesday December 18 2012 - Reviews for Les Miserables, Zero Dark 30, This is 40. This Weekend's Box Office Results. And many new Radio PODCASTS.

Friday December 14 2012 - Hugh Jackman gets star on the Walk of Fame. Tyler Perry gets more TV shows. And many new Radio PODCASTS.

Thursday December 13 2012 - FULL LIST of Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Film Critics awards nominations.

Wednesday December 12 2012 - Daily News in the world of Entertainment.

Tuesday December 11 2012 - AMI's top 10 movies of 2012 (and Dark Knight Rises is on the list). Top 10 Music Videos of 2012.

Monday December 10 2012 - Weekend Box Office Results. Naya River killed in plane crash. LA Film Critics awards.

Saturday December 8 2012 - The Nurse tragedy with Middleton pregnancy. Clerk II - NOOO!!. Kate Middleton baby bump.

Friday December 7 2012 - Writers Guild Nominations. Palm Springs Festival update. Top 10 Anchorman Movie Scenes.

Thursday December 6 2012 - Star Wars PODCAST. National Film Review Top 10 Movies of 2012 list. So Undercover Miley Cyrus Movie Poster

Wednesday December 5 2012 - Nick Lachey chokes fan at NFL game (which makes him a douchebag). Top 10 Best Celebrity Impressions. Man of Steel Movie Poster

Tuesday December 4 2012 - New York Film Critics awards. Top 10 How Movies Should Have Ended Videos. New Spiderman Harry Osborn.

Monday December 3 2012 - Weekend Box Office Results. Top 10 Movie Motivational Moments. Argo surpases $100 million.

Wednesday November 28 2012 - Angus T Jones apologizes as Charlie Sheen comments. Indie Spirit Award nominations announced.

Monday November 26 2012 - Another Two and a Half Men scandel. Top stories of 2012. Diane Kruger in a jumpsuit.

Saturday November 24 2012 - Larry Hagman dead at 81 - So long JR Ewing. Watch new Movie Trailers. Bond and Vampires rule Turkey day.

Friday November 23 2012 - Thanksgiving Box Office Results. What is attachment parenting? Chevy exits Community. Top 10 Michael Jordan videos.

Wednesday November 21 2012 - Who are the Star Wars writers? Jessica Biel dress at Hitchcock premiere. Hasbro sticks up for Elmo. Top 10 Movie Bra Scenes.

Tuesday November 20 2012 - Is OJ innocent after all? Kevin Clash quits Elmo. Video reviews of American Horror Story season 1 episodes.

Sunday November 18 2012 - Box Office Results. Top 10 Babe Ruth Videos. 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort get the axe.

Friday November 16 2012 - Breaking Dawn 2 hits theatres: Red Carpet dresses, Movie Revies, and early box office numbers. Watch best of Epic Rap battles

Thursday November 15 2012 - Kristen Stewart Nude Dress Photo. News reviews of Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, and Dexter.

Wednesday November 14 2012 - Sexiest Man Alive is? Top 10 Horror Movie Scenes of all-time. Cool Solar Eclipse poster.

Tuesday November 13 2012 - The life and times of Elmo - what's next after the child sex scandal! SHIELD TV poster.

Sunday November 11 2012 - Bieber and Gomez split. Weekend Box Office results. New movie trailers. Star Wars VII begins its writing!

Friday November 9 2012 - New Movie Trailers. Skyfall Movie Review. Transformers 4 gets new star and logo!

Wednesday November 7 2012 - Election Videos 2012. Why Romney Lost!?. Top Gun 2 falla apart. And more....

Tuesday November 6 2012 - Best of the Election 2012! Top 10 Obama Videos. Electoral Map 2012. Twitter Election. The Election in 2 minutes.

Monday November 5 2012 - Top 10 Football Movie Scenes. Kristen Stewart's bra outfit. George Lucas talks. And much more

Sunday November 4 2012 - Best of Louis CK hosting SNL (Videos). This Weekend's Box Office Results. And much more

Friday November 2 2012 - Top 10 Bunny Viral Videos. Jamie Foxx to play Spiderman 2 villain. Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe movie. 'Skyfall' blazes past $100 million internationally. And much more

Thursday November 1 2012 - Funny viral videos including Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. Bryan Singer back to direct X-Men. Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner to Host 'Saturday Night Live'. And much more

Wednesday October 31 2012 - Hurricane Sandy videos. Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion. And much more

Monday October 29 2012 - Celebrity Halloween Costumes, Weekend Box Office Results, Hurricane reeks havok, and lots of great new viral videos!

Sunday October 28 2012 - Funny Viral videos including Things Guys Lie About and Zombie Barbie. Writer returns to scribe Bond 24. And much more

Friday October 26 2012 - A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Trailer. Nirvana broadway musical. Adam Carolla Joins Fox News Channel. And much more

Thursday October 25 2012 - From the Desk of Donald Trump to Barack Obama. Elizabeth Taylor highest paid dead celeb. Tom Cruise Sues 'Life & Style' for $50M And much more

Wednesday October 24 2012 - SEE Jessica Biel’s wedding dress. Coulter calls OBAMA an idiot. Great funny and polarizing viral videos to watch.

Tuesday October 23 2012 - SEE Iron Man 3 poster and WATCH just released trailer. Obama vs Romney. Funny Videos. And lots more….

Monday October 22 2012 - This weekend’s box office results. Funnyordie Alfred Molina video. Pippa Middleton’s behind. And plenty more….

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