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Best of STAR TREK: Reviews, Columns and Funny Videos
May 09, 2009

Best of STAR TREK: Reviews, Columns and Funny Videos

SUBMIT YOUR SHORT SCRIPT by May 10th - And have it read at our July Screenplay Festival event


STAR TREK - MOVIE REVIEW - How does JJ Abrams' revamped franchise film hold up?

KIRK AND SPOCK - For this virgin Trek watcher, I was surprised to witness a great story on friendship

TODAY'S POLL - Star Wars or Star Trek - What is better?

TODAY'S TOP STORY - Star Trek BEAMING up large sums of money this weekend

STAR TREK vs BATMAN - The ULTIMATE fan film. Based on the 1960's television shows Star Trek and Batman.

SIMPSONS vs STAR TREK - The battle of the theme songs!

STAR WARS vs STAR TREK - Must see highly entertaining video!

SHATNER ON TREK - William Shatner reacts to NEW Star Trek Video

STAR TREK FANS - Trekkies bash new film for being too entertaining!!

BROKEBACK STAR TREK - Brokeback Mountain meets Star Trek!

STAR TREK KARAOKE - Funny parody skit as the Star Trek gangs sings

WATCH NEW 2009 SHORT FILMS - Best films from all over the world!


TYSON - MOVIE REVIEW - Why is there a feature film centered on this guy?

FILM NOTES OF THE DAY - DIRECTING A FILM - TIPS from Clint Eastwood, Sidney Lumet and David Mamet on making a great film!

STORY OF THE DAY - The Devil is the Landlord, Essay - "It's a really good thing I'm not the kind of girl who believes natural, every day events can have arcane significance otherwise, I might take the dead cat on my lawn as a bad omen......."

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